Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Filing a Trademark Infringement Claim

    || 30-Apr-2015

    A trademark refers to any word, slogan, symbol, design or combination thereof that distinguishes your goods and services from that of others. Trademarks distinguish the source of products; they are not limited to just words and designs, in some circumstances they can also be a sound, color, or smell. Benefits of a Federally Registered Trademark: Mark is listed in USPTO’s database Public is ...
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  • Statute of Limitations for Contracts in California

    || 22-Apr-2015

    If a plaintiff wishes to file a lawsuit stemming from a breach of contract, California law requires that the plaintiff files the suit within a specific period of time after the defendant’s alleged breach. In breach of contract cases, the first place the defendant’s attorney will look is to the state’s statute of limitations. If the defendant can show that the statute of ...
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  • Actionable Claims in Construction Defect Litigation

    || 16-Apr-2015

    In California, construction defect litigation is essentially governed by the Right to Repair Act (Ca. Civil Code, §§896-945.5), which is often referred to as SB 800, and by the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. For our purposes, we are going to expand upon the Right to Repair Act. The Act outlines what constitutes a construction defect in California; it does this by ...
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  • What Is Tortious Interference?

    || 9-Apr-2015

    Tortious interference, otherwise known as “intentional interference with contractual relations,” is the situation where someone intentionally interferes with or damages another’s business or contractual relationship. This tort applies to contractual relationships, and certain business activities, regardless if they involve a contract. Tortious interference with contract rights ...
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