Sued in Orange County? Be Prepared to Take Action

Were you recently served with a Summons and Complaint? If so, you may feel concerned about how to handle this lawsuit against either you or your business. Above all, stay calm. Giving way to panic and anxiety can only make an already frightening situation worse.

Next, it is imperative that you consult with an Orange County business attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm. We understand exactly what you’re going through and are ready to prepare an aggressive defense on your behalf. One of the keys to our firm’s success is a quick response time on behalf of our clients. What does this mean for you? Contact our firm within 24 to 48 hours of when you’ve been served with a Summons and Complaint.

Why does my attorney need so much time to prepare?

Lawsuits move quickly in the state of California. Time limitations are no secret and defendants are usually given 30 days to respond to their lawsuit. The moment you reach out to us, we will spring into action on your behalf. Our team knows how foundational a strong defense is to your case and operate most effectively when time is on our side.

Many individuals wait until the last second to speak with an attorney, but this only opens the door for potential complications. If you wait, there is less time for your attorney to create an effective defense.

We believe that the cost of hiring an attorney far outweighs the risks of not doing so. If you do not have a strong response prepared by an attorney, you may lose your rights, your property, and your assets. A default judgment is the last thing you need, which is why The Mirkhan Law Firm is on your side.

Avoid a default judgment by contacting our firm today. With experienced Orange County business lawyers backed by over 15 years of legal experience, you can obtain much-needed peace of mind. We look forward to pursuing the protection of your rights.