Orange County Web Development Contracts

Answers from an OC Contract Dispute Attorney

The process of creating structures and businesses has recently spread heavily into the digital world with a newfound reliance on websites to represent a company and interact with clients. In order to ensure that a website is created correctly and within an established timeframe, developer contracts are frequently drawn up and agreed upon by both the web developer and the business owner. For the most part, these can be intricate and complicated, including portions regarding the legal matters and business issues. It is to this end that it is no surprise that developer contracts are broken all the time.

If you are a business owner in Orange County and you feel that another party has breached an established developer contract, whether through negligence or malicious business practices, you could stand to lose valuable company finances. For 15+ years, The Mirkhan Law Firm has been serving Southern California business owners, providing trusted legal knowledge and true dedication to our clients. Contact one of our Orange County contract dispute attorneys today if you have questions or concerns involving developer contracts.

What can a developer contract cover?

Establishing a business website is an important process for business owners today. For this reason, the contracts behind them can be just as complex as any other legal documentation, and may include sections that cover aspects including:

  • Payment: Perhaps most importantly, a developer contract will determine a fair price for services provided, and what is owed if the work is unsatisfactory. Breaches in contracts are most likely to stem from payment clauses, as no one wants to pay too much or get paid too little.
  • Timeframe: Certain developer contracts will set up a certain date for when the work must be completed, even outlining when important portions of it must be considered, also called checkpoints. Finishing a website outside of an established timeframe is a break of contract.
  • Content: If a developer does not do an honest job to put relevant content into a client’s website, it could be seen as an intentional breach of contract. It is also important for the business owner to provide the web developer with requested information.
  • Updates: Developer contracts may also include a section that details work to be done after the initial task is completed, and when and how the updates should take place.

Professional Representation in Orange County

Developer contracts are just as important as any other legally binding contract, and The Mirkhan Law Firm fully understand that. Our Orange County contract litigation attorneys can build a strong case for you and represent your best interests, whether you are a business owner or a web developer caught up in a complicated developer contract dispute. Discover the difference that experience can make for you by contacting us today and scheduling an initial consultation.