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Fraud is defined as the intentional deception of a person or party by another made for monetary or personal gain. When it is applied to business relationships, this typically speaks of some sort of internalized theft that is damaging to the company. It could be performed by an entry-level employee, such as a cashier sticking the occasional $20 bill in their pocket, or go all the way to the top, with a company owner intentionally hiding funds to collect at a later date. No matter who is committing fraud, or how much or how little they are taking, the bottom line is that it hurts honest companies and associates, big and small.

If you are a business owner in Orange County and believe one of your employees is committing fraud – or if you have been wrongly accused of fraudulent acts – you need an experienced business attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm. We have been successfully representing the good people of Southern California for over 15 years, giving them the dedication they deserve and bringing with us unparalleled knowledge of business law. If you aren’t sure how to get started,case evaluations are available.

Understanding Fraud with the Help of an Orange County Business Lawyer

Criminals willing to steal from their own company or employer often take steps to plan ahead and do their best to cover their tracks. Attorney Mirkhan has gained valuable experience over the years, honing his skills towards business law, which allows him to fully investigate fraud claims and discover suspicious activities and paper trails.

Some of the forms of fraudulent behavior that our team has dealt with and can identify include:

  • Bribery: An employee or member of the business taking money to earn favors – or to look the other way from other illegal activities – is considered a form of fraud. For example, if a cashier accepts cash to allow a customer to shoplift a particularly expensive item, your business is losing money while they are making profit.
  • Embezzlement: When someone is entrusted to manage or hold money for another or a business, and then goes and steals some of those funds for their personal use, is considered embezzlement. As it is one of the most common forms of business fraud in Orange County, business owners need to be particularly aware of associates who may be embezzling money.
  • Falsifying records: Also called skimming, if an employee is intentionally changing financial records to show less than the actual profit gained or finances available, they are committing business fraud, even if the missing money does not go directly to that individual.
  • Internal theft: Usually only found in small businesses, internal theft accounts for the majority of bottom-end losses at retail locations throughout Southern California. If you own a small business and are seeing unexplained losses, internal theft is likely the cause.

An Orange County Business Attorney with a Commitment to Your Case

In today’s business climate, everything can seem nonstop and it might be difficult to track your losses to their sources. Additionally, there seems to be an unfortunate trend of unjust accusations towards business owners, stemming particularly from employers or partners looking to get a quick dollar. If you need help discovering a source of fraud in your Orange County business – or if you are being unfairly accused of fraud yourself – The Mirkhan Law Firm would be honored to stand by your side and protect your rights. We are devoted to finding justice, no matter the stakes, and have gone toe-to-toe with some of the most intimidating clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Contact an Orange County business attorney today and tackle fraud charges head-on.