False Advertising Claims in Orange County

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An important part of the capitalist system is a healthy market of competition. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established rules and regulations that determine how businesses can act and interact within the market and while maintaining the spirit of competition. Despite the FTC’s presence, many businesses engage in the illegitimate practice of false advertising, usually to steal potential customers from the competition.

If you have been wronged by the false advertising claims of one of your competitors, the professional Orange County business attorneys at The Mirkhan Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit and find justice. We are committed to protecting your corporation from the unfair business practices dishonest competitors may try to use against you. Contact us right away if you suspect false advertising claims may be jeopardizing the future of your business.

Learn How to File a False Advertising Claim in Orange County

The Lanham Act protects most businesses from the damaging effects of false advertising. While it is fundamental in defending your company, filing a claim following the act’s regulations is not necessarily straightforward.

With our help, we can determine if your case meets the requirements to file a claim, including:

  • The existence of false or misleading statements
  • Such statements were used in a commercial advertisement
  • It is reasonable to be deceived or have been deceived by the ad
  • The ad has caused or will cause competitive injury to you

Upon a successful trial on your behalf, you and your company can expect to recover financial benefits. Furthermore, the court may apply an injunction upon the violating competitor, controlling or ceasing their means of advertising altogether.

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When you file a false advertising claim, it will be up to you to prove of the wrongs your competitor has committed. Gathering the evidence and making a solid case can be impossible without the assistance of an Orange County business attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm. Retaining our help gets you support from a professional group that has earned such accomplishments as:

  • 15+ years of legal practice
  • Successful resolution of 92% of all our cases
  • Proven litigation experience
  • Unparalleled focus on our clients’ experiences

The mistreatment of your company by competitors is not something that should be taken lightly. With a proactive approach and the knowledge of our law firm, you can hold untruthful businesses accountable for their illegitimate practices.

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