Trade Secret Misappropriation

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All employers are prepared for the day that their employees move on from their company and begin working with another corporation. Unfortunately, this time of moving on can quickly turn sour when private information gets leaked to the new employer. Trade secret misappropriation is growing increasingly common in the business world and it can be a serious detriment to the success of any company. The Mirkhan Law Firm, APC is staffed with Orange County business litigation attorneys who are uniquely qualified to represent you and your business for the highest level of success.

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How do I know if I have the basis for a legal claim?

Nearly every state in the country has enacted the Uniform Trade Secret Act (UTSA), including California. This act defines what a trade secret is when misappropriation has occurred, and the remedies a plaintiff can receive if they win their case.

According to the UTSA, a trade secret is considered as such when:

  • It is secret
  • It gives a competitive advantage to its owner
  • Reasonable efforts have been made to protect its secrecy

Employers may commit trade secret misappropriation when they acquire the trade secret dishonestly or disclose the trade secret to others knowing it was intended to be kept secret. However, California law clearly states that reverse engineering cannot be used as the foundation for a misappropriation claim.

If trade secret misappropriation has occurred, the plaintiff can file a claim and pursue justice for their company. They may be able to receive injunctive relief, which stops the privacy violations and preserves their secret information. Furthermore, the plaintiff can also collect damages and attorneys’ fees.

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Your company works hard for its success and to have those efforts undermined by fraudulent employees is exceedingly frustrating. We believe that taking action is not only advantageous but necessary in the face of such injustice.

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