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At The Mirkhan Law Firm, we believe that any of our clients who have been significantly wronged by their insurance providers deserve to be represented to the best of our abilities. If you have been victimized by your insurance company, or you are wary that your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, we encourage you to contact our office right away. Our Orange County litigation lawyers are proud to have 15+ years of experience in handling complex business litigation and bad faith cases, and we are prepared to put our experience to work in the protection of your rights.

At our firm, we are proud to be aggressive insurance litigators who stand by our clients throughout the course of their case. Whether you were a victim of fraud, negligence or inadequate insurance evaluation, you can rely on The Mirkhan Law Firm. Insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith toward their paying customers; any act of bad faith could result in a potential legal claim. Our firm can help you hold the wrongful company accountable for its actions. We want to see you receive the emotional and medical damages you deserve, and we are ready to help you seek the compensation you are owed .

Trust Your Case to The Mirkhan Law Firm

Unlike some other law firms in the area, The Mirkhan Law Firm is committed to providing personalized service and counsel to each and every client we take on. We do not blindly win cases; rather, we take the time to get know our clients and their needs, and we develop a personalized legal strategy on their behalf. The Mirkhan Law Firm believes that each case is like a chess game, and therefore we need to ensure that we are making the right move to protect your future.

When you work with The Mirkhan Law Firm, you can benefit from:

  • Sophisticated and professional counsel
  • Experienced legal representation for complex insurance cases
  • Commitment to your needs
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are working with dedicated legal professionals

If you are ready to get started, contact our litigation law office today and schedule a consultation with our team.