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The decision to hire a particular law firm is crucially important in the eventual outcome of your case. Therefore, it is a decision not to be taken lightly. Despite the abundance of Orange County lawyers and law firms, when the need to hire effective legal counsel arises, you will have a hard time recognizing who can best represent your legal interests. However, when the decision is made intelligently, you can confront your legal problems with confidence knowing that you are in good hands. But how should you go about making an intelligent decision with respect to hiring a particular law firm? The answer lies in considering two important factors:

  1. the firm's philosophy in approaching legal problems and
  2. the firm's track record in successfully handling complex legal cases.

We at the Mirkhan Law Firm pride ourselves in the firm's philosophy and track record. Our Orange County business lawyers follow a unique approach to the practice of law and separate ourselves from the competition by forcefully adhering to our practice philosophy. We believe that legal problems arise because some kind of injustice has occurred with a direct impact on all parties to a legal dispute. The issue is not which side of a legal dispute is on the side of justice and which side is not. Instead, the vast majority of legal cases involves some elements of justice on both sides of a legal dispute.

Thus, there is no bright line answer as to which side is wholly on the side of justice and which side is not. By effectively highlighting the elements of justice present in our clients' cases, we force the opponent to justify its positions and if it fails to do so, a crushing defeat awaits. On the other hand, if the opposing side succeeds in highlighting its own elements of justice, then a balancing approach to the scales of justice is utilized to determine which side's just elements has more weight than the other side. This balancing often results in the successful mediation of the case where all sides come to a closure and resolve their dispute in a civilized and peaceful manner. Alternatively, if the opposing side blindly ignores the scales of justice, we proceed to trial and win our case by fully serving justice.

Our practice philosophy has provided us with a foolproof, battle-tested strategy in dealing with some of the most complex cases in the nation. This brings us to the second important factor in the decision to hire a law firm, namely the firm's track record. In the 15+ years of our existence, we have successfully resolved complex cases deemed "unwinnable" by many law firms and lawyers. We have challenged the nation's top law firms time and time again and have never backed down from top-class opponents. In fact, we have gained the respect of top national law firms by adhering to our ethical and justice-minded philosophy and this, in turn, has paved the way to the successful resolution of our clients' cases. With a successful resolution rate of approximately 92% of all cases handled, there is ample reason for us to be proud of our track record.

Thus, deciding to hire our firm for your legal needs, is truly an intelligent decision. The goal of our Orange County Business Litigation Lawyers is not to quickly turn around cases and blindly win them; we want to ensure that justice is fully served and our clients' needs are diligently protected. We have successfully obtained countless favorable results and settlements on behalf of our clients, and we may be able to do the same for you. We recognize that business litigation is not just a financial issue - it is a personal complication that could affect every area of your life. Because of this, we take each case to heart and always fight to protect each individual's rights throughout the course of their case.

Considering The Mirkhan Law Firm? Consider the following:

  • We have more than 15 years of successful legal advocacy to our name.
  • We never back down from top-class opponents.
  • We have successfully resolved approximately 92% of all cases we have handled in favor of our clients.
  • We have successfully handled complex cases with a direct impact at the national level.
  • We have made a huge difference in our clients' lives by giving them peace of mind in the face of toughest cases.
  • We care about our clients at the human level and their emotional and physical well-being is of utmost importance to us.
  • We are committed to our clients' needs 24/7.

At The Mirkhan Law Firm, we are confident in our ability to provide the highest level of legal service to our clients. We have even achieved success in numerous cases that were otherwise deemed "unwinnable." Our firm never backs down at trial and we always provide our clients with the type of legal assistance that they truly deserve, even in the most complex cases. When you choose to work with our office, you can be confident that your case is in good hands.

Attorney Mirkhan's Experience


  • University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law: 1998
  • University of Kentucky: 1995

While attending law school, Attorney Mirkhan was able to gain hands-on experience representing clients in real court battles under the supervision of his law professors. This early experience helped shape the trusted court attorney that he is today. Now, Attorney Mirkhan along with his team of seasoned Orange County business litigation attorneys, bring their combined experience, knowledge of the law, and successful case winnings to the forefront of each client's case.

If you are interested in learning more about The Mirkhan Law Firm and how our firm can help you, contact our business lawyers today and schedule an appointment to meet our staff.

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