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At The Mirkhan Law Firm, our business litigation attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and serving justice while maintaining the honest, integral quality of our practice that we have come to be known for. With more than 15 years of experience and countless favorable case results, we are confident that we can help you obtain the most from your business litigation complication.

If you are facing a stressful legal issue and you are considering taking action, contact our Orange County business litigation attorneys by calling us at (949) 536-7636.

Work With A Firm That Gets Results

Whether a case requires representation during a trial, hearing, arbitration or mediation, our clients can be confident in knowing that they will be represented by a legal team with winning results. We are pride ourselves on being legal representatives who are truly willing to learn the nuances of each unique situation and provide personalized and effective resolutions for our clients when they need it most.

If you find yourself facing any of the following concerns, contact our team right away:

We Take a Personalized Approach to Each Case

When you choose to work with our firm, we will take the time to get to know you, your situation, and the complications you may be facing. We are aware that business litigation concerns are not strictly financial, and they may be causing a lot of complications in your personal life, too.

Our office will can diligently to protect your best interests. No complication is too big or too small, and The Mirkhan Law Firm is not in the habit of baking down from a case. To get started on protecting your rights, schedule a consultation with our business lawyers right away. Contact The Mirkhan Law Firm today.