Breach of Construction Contracts

Orange County Construction Litigation Lawyer

As construction work covers a broad range of labor – such as demolitions, maintenance and repairs, redesigns, and more – it is only natural for construction contracts to be in place, regulating how everything gets completed. Typically covering the production responsibilities of all parties involved, construction contracts have a primary focus on protecting contractors from any potential losses. When the contract is not followed – or breached – by one party, it opens up the opportunity of a lawsuit to settle unresolved issues.

Breaches of construction contracts can easily cost you thousands of dollars in damages as projects go unfinished or as laborers go unpaid. To support your claims in court, call an Orange County construction litigation attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm today.

Legal Professionals You Can Believe In

Construction contracts can be complicated and difficult to understand, even for those directly involved in the construction projects. Our team understands that careful study of the contract and reviewing the evidence of any breaches can lead you to a victory. Trust in a team that has earned such impressive accomplishments as:

  • More than 15 years of legal practice
  • 90%+ success rate in all of our cases
  • Unrivaled trial experience
  • Strong familiarity with legal and business contracts

How can a construction contract be breached?

With all of the specifics in a construction contract, it can be difficult to pinpoint where a breach occurred without professional guidance. When you retain the assistance of an Orange County construction litigation attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm, we can help you understand how breaches of contracts commonly occur, such as when one party:

  • Does not perform duties as promised or described
  • Does something that prohibits the other party from performing their contractual duty
  • Refuses to perform contract duties without valid reasoning
  • Fails to provide payment for services rendered

If you win a construction contract dispute, you can be granted consequential damages. Consequential damages will recover enough to get you back to the financial situation you were at before the breach occurred.

Let Us Help You Uphold Your Construction Contract

Whether you are seeking financial compensation for a breached contract, or if you just want the other party to finish their promised work, we encourage you to contact an Orange County contract litigation attorney from The Mirkhan Law Firm as soon as possible. Statutes of limitations may be in place that restrict when you can file a lawsuit against your opposing party, so it is important to act now. With our assistance, you can expect honest advice and powerful representation if we need to take your claims to court.

We will defend your rights as if we were protecting our own. Schedule a consultation today to learn what over 15 years of contract experience can do for you.